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During the centuries the Pacifici family was always engaged in a variety of activities within the Italian Jewish Communty. Today, Jonathan Pacifici is taking this family tradition to a global scale, with a strong focus on education, leadership crafting and social commitment.





The The Jewish Economic Forum (JEF) is committed to improve the state of the Jewish people by promoting a stronger cooperation between the Private Sector, Jewish Organizations, NGOs and Communities and the State of Israel.  Jonathan is the Chairman of the JEF. 



Part of B'nai B'rith InernationalB'nai B'rith- Don Isaac Abravanel Lodge gathers some of the best international minds in Israel, to enhance a better global leadership for the Jewish people and to serve as natural bridge between Israel and B'nai B'rith lodges world wide. Jonathan serves as President of the Lodge.


'Scola Tempio' Congregation is the anciest Jewish Congregation in the world. Scola Tempio Synagogue was founded in Rome before the destruction of the Second Temple and functioned without interruption until 1904. Today the congregation was restored  in Jerusalem by Jonathan Pacifici and some friends, serving the growing Roman Community. Jonathan is serving as Synagoue President. 


Torah.it is the principal resource for Jewish Studies in Italian on the web. The project was initiated by Jonathan and his father David with the purpose of spreading the wisdom of the Jewish tradition within the Italian speaking community. The site gathers houndreds of articles and recordings on various Jewish topics. 


"Un anno di Torà con lo Sfat Emet" 

A commentary on the weekly portion of the Bible according to the teachings of the great Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter (1847–1905) Torah.it Edition.


The book is available on Lulu.com